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So here we are again!

The San Diego Sherlockians present SDCCLOCKED

Once more we’re going to be meeting up just outside the convention center, right beside the Children’s Park at 5pm . This is just the initial meet up spot, afterwards we will be moving. 

  • We’ll wait around until 5:30 before taking a short walk to the gorgeous Sea Port Village and settling at our favorite spot, the carousel~
  • There we will all mingle, chat and just catch up or maybe even make some new Sherlockian friends!
  • There is going to be a little raffle where you’ll have a chance to win an assortment of little gifts we’ve put together so good luck!
  • Lastly, for our dear cosplayers, we’ll be taking group photos, and general singles photos that will all be uploaded on both our FB page and Tumblr!

NO COMIC CON PASS NEEDED. This is open to everyone so just come on over! 

This year’s free print, done by M.D Sora 

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

If you have any questions tweet us at @SDCCLocked or message us on Tumblr at


I’ll be here if any of you are going! Hope to see you there